Are you going through a separation or divorce with kids?

Or are you caring for an older parent and experiencing family conflict?

These are very challenging experiences to work through.

We hope you find these these resources helpful as you navigate this difficult period.

You can also contact us to see how we can help  613-808-2410.


“Thank you for your guidance, the meticulous and thorough work, and the many long hours that have been invaluable in helping us reach an agreement.”

Mediation Client

“Aneez, you have a true talent that many have (benefited from), and others will, benefit from.”

Mediation Client

“Aneez, thank you so much for your time, effort and goodwill. All truly appreciated.”

Mediation Client

“I was introduced to Aneez as my mediator in a family matter. She was very patient. I felt I was being heard. She is also very knowledgeable and took the time to understand my feelings. I highly recommend her services.”

Mediation Client

“Aneez Khanani is one of the best trainers in mediation I have worked with. On top of excellent pedagogical skills, she has an amazing mastery of mediation techniques and tools, be it in commercial, matrimonial, family or inter-personal mediation.  Being a mediator herself, her training pattern is in congruence with fundamental mediation values such as benevolence, empathy and non-judgement.  Aneez has a long and deep experience in mediation and human psychology that give her that added value one looks for in a very competent trainer. Having called upon Aneez for 4 training sessions in the past 4 years for a total of 14 training days (and 50 trainees), I highly recommend Aneez as an excellent and very competent mediation trainer.”

Zarien Rajan-Badouraly, Chairperson National Conciliation and Arbitration Board (NCAB) for France

“Abbotsford Seniors Centre was fortunate to have Aneez Khanani an elder Mediator and Communications Expert here to present on the topic of mediation. Aneez explained the role of an elder mediator in a way that was relevant to our audience of seniors. This new approach to understanding and resolving potential “hot topics” within families was well received as was Aneez and her expertise.”

Patricia Goyeche, Coordinator of Community Programs for The Glebe Centre Community Programs

 “I can’t express enough gratitude and satisfaction with the work of Aneez. Her professionalism, thoroughness and knowledge coupled with her kindness and willingness to help make her not only a reliable and trust-worthy mediator but also a great human being. I’m very pleased and impressed with the quality and calibre of the services provided by Aneez.”

Mediation Client

“I highly recommend Aneez Khanani as a personal coach. She is extremely professional, calm, encouraging, caring and a great listener.”

Coaching Client

“Working with you has brought me some incredible insight and wonderful tools and I do hope to work with you again as I continue this journey.”

Coaching Client